RJMR : 2017 Volume 3 issue 1

The Relationship between Product Innovation and Performance and Competitiveness of the Company Regarding the Mediating Role of Environmental Concern

Vahid Naghipour, Majid Nasiri

Page No: 1-7                    

Identification of the Factors Associated with Strategic Decision-Making Information Security in Airports in Golestan Province

Mohammadreza Enayati Shabkolaee, Ahmad Mehrabian

Page No: 8-12                    

The Relationship between CRM and Relationship Marketing Strategies with Customer Satisfaction

Mojtaba Ranjbar, Fatemeh Rezaei

Page No: 13-20                    

The Effect of Job Rotation on employee performance

Asieh Akbari, Reza Maniei

Page No: 21-26                    

Comparing Viewpoint of Experts and Managers about the Impact of Sports Tourism Industry Potentials to Attract Tourists in Golestan Province, Iran

Amin Ehsanirad, Reza Rezaeishirazi

Page No: 27-31                    

The Effect of Customs Exemptions on Capital Market

Maryam Khademi, Mehrnoush Saadatabadi

Page No: 32-40                    

The Effect of Training Methods on Empowerment (Sense of Effectiveness, Participation) of Qeshm City Cooperatives Managers

Mohammad Mohseni, Serajaldin Mohebbi, Masoud Beheshtirad

Page No: 41-46                    

The Impact of Financial Flexibility on Short-Term Financial Leverage of Industry of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Substances Listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange

Hosein Khosravi Katooli, Seyed Mohamadreza Hoseini

Page No: 52-57                    

The Relationship between Commercial Advertising with Brand Development

Farhad Taghian, Ahmad Mehrabian

Page No: 58-60                    

Study of Theoretical Ideas on Neoclassical

Fatemeh Alirezaie

Page No: 61-65