RJMR : 2017 Volume 3 issue 2

The Impact of Individual Development, the Way Employees Deal with Clients, Interpersonal Relationships between Employees, and the Manner of Doing Tasks of Employees on Expanding Financial Resources

Masoud Dehghani Pour Ahmadi

Page No: 66-70                    

Investigating Role of Perceptual Stimulants, Social and Hedonic Innovations in Implementing Innovation

Yadollah Rajaeei, Elahe Kazemi

Page No: 71-81                    

The Relationship between the Quality of Working Life and the Citizenship Behavior of Saipa Employees in Golestan Province

Ghorban Eiri, Habibollah Najafi Hezarjaribi

Page No: 82-86                    

Design and Development of Strategic Planning of Human Resources in Ghavamin Bank of Mazandaran Province

Ali Ramzan Khah, Zabih Allah Gholami, Mohammad Ghorbanifar, Masoumeh Amou Akbardokht Amiri

Page No: 87-95                    

The Impact of Capital ¬ Intellectual and Social on Models of Manager\'s Decision

Yaser Mirzaei, Farshideh Zameni, Reza Yousefi Saeed Abadi

Page No: 96-108                    

Relationship between Charismatic Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Considering the Mediators of Ethical Climate and Work Engagement in Iran Darou Pharmaceutical Company

Mohsen Malekmohammadi, Danial Zahed

Page No: 109-115                    

Identification and Ranking of Effective Components on Electronic Customer Loyalty in Using Electronic Services Using Fuzzy AHP Technique

Mansour Enayat Gholampoor, Mohammad Hajilari

Page No: 116-125                    

The Relationship between Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction of Employees

Fatemeh Nesa Bastani katouli, Mohsen Malekmohammadi

Page No: 126-130