RJMR : 2016 Volume 2 issue 2

The Effect of Financial Development Indicators on the Gas Companys Competitive Advantage in Fars Province, Iran

Fateme Naderi, Dr. Hamid Ravanpak Noodezh, Dr. Mohammad Mohebbi

Page No: 76-79                    

The Relationship between Financial Ratios and Systematic Risk in Cement Industry in Tehran Stock Exchange

Abbas Hosseinpour, Parviz Saeidi

Page No: 80-84                    

The Relationship between Audit Quality and Earnings Management in Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Hamidreza Nazari, Narges Razi

Page No: 85-89                    

Activity of the Banks to Adopt Appropriate Measures to Realize the Slogan of “Government and People, Empathy and Sympathy” in 2015

Negin Alidosti, Aboutorab Alirezaie

Page No: 90-96                    

A Review Article: Financial Risk in Companies

Mahmood Mohammad Hosein, Dr.Hamid Ravanpak Noodezh, Dr. Mohammad Mohebbi

Page No: 97-99                    

Investigating the Insightful Leadership Effect on the Organizational Silence Elimination of Bank Mellet

Ali Akbar Ahmadi, Leila Hamidi Moghanjoughi

Page No: 100-108                    

The Relationship between the Duality of Responsibility and Property Managers Director Financial Distress of listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Mansour Garkaz, Ahmad Abdollahi, Tayyebe Alipoor Tomaj

Page No: 109-113                    

Investigating the Barriers of Accepting Electronic Insurance in Insurance Industry

Ozra GordiTakhti, Mohammad Mohebi

Page No: 114-119                    

Effectiveness of Teaching time Management Strategies on the Self-esteem of High School Students

Zahra Chamani, Isa Bargi

Page No: 120-123                    

The Effect of Fundamental Knowledge Management on Optimizing Infrastructures of Trading Companies

Mojtaba Esfandiyari, Dr. Abbas Talebbeydokhti

Page No: 124-131