RJMR : 2016 Volume 2 issue 4

Examining the Mediating Role of Psychological Security and Psychological Significance on the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Job Involvement in the First Secondary School Teachers of Aliabad city, Iran

Alireza Tajari, Farhad Sanchooli, Ghasem Barani

Page No: 191-194                    

To Investigate Factors Affecting Price Volatilities of Onions (Case Study: Jiroft City)

Toba Saedi, Dr. Abbas Talebbeydokhti

Page No: 195-206                    

The Effects of Social Health Relationship with Organizational Commitment

Somayeh Mohammadpour, Aboutorab Alirezaie

Page No: 207-213                    

The Impact of In-Service Training Courses to Increase Knowledge and Job Skills and Efficiency and the Ability to Perform the Duties Assigned Staff

Mostafa Niknami, Abbas Abaspour, Zahra Azizi Torab

Page No: 214-217                    

The Relationship between Transformational Leadership Style and Employees Empowerment due to the Mediating Role of Organizational Intelligence and Organizational Learning

Soghra Begom Alizadeh, Rouhollah Sameei

Page No: 218-222                    

The Relationships between Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction among the Water and Sewage Company Staff in Golestan Province

Roohalla Samiee, Abdol-Hakim Kalami

Page No: 223-229                    

The Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence, General Thinking and Religious Dimension of Teachers and Moral Growth of High School Students

Seyedeh Mehri Lotfi, Aazam Rastgoo

Page No: 230-233                    

The Relationship between the Ability of Overcoming, Carrying out the Moral Traits of Teachers and Moral Growth of Students

Seyedeh Mehri Lotfi, Aazam Rastgoo

Page No: 234-238                    

The Relationship between Components of Organizational Culture and the Effectiveness of Staff in Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Kermanshah Province

Mosa Ghandi, Seyed Ali Akbar Ahmadi, Kayhan Ghandi

Page No: 239-244                    

The Effects of Implementation of Knowledge Management Agility in the Appliance Industry Country

Asad Delshadi, Aboutorab Alirezaie

Page No: 245-249